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Summer semester

The following moduls are lectured by Prof. Dr. R. Streubel in the summer semester:

The corresponding teaching material (Übungsaufgaben etc.) are found in eCampus.

Modul MCh WP 1 Industrial Inorganic Molecular Chemistry (Including an optinal lab course)

Modul BCh 6.1.2 Anorganische Molekülchemie (Lab course)

The module BCh. 6.1.2 consists of a full-time lab course (5 weeks) in the chosen work group (after the necessary arrangements are met) from the inorganic chemistry departement. The focus lies on the synthesis and characterization of reactive inorganic molecular compounds and should prepare the students for a following BSc. Thesis in the corresponding work groups of Prof. Dr. A. C. Filippou and Prof. Dr. R. Streubel.