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Bonn International Graduate School of Chemistry
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Bonn Chemistry Lectures

New Developments in Molecular Inorganic Chemistry


Schedule (Lectures 30 plus 10 min discussion)

  • 1.00-1.10 pm         Welcome note by Prof. R. Streubel
  • 1.10-1.50 pm         Prof. A. Frontera: “Spodium bonds: Noncovalent interactions involving    group 12 elements”
  • 1.50-2.30 pm         Dr. P. K. Majhi: “Heavier vinylidenes, cyclopropylidenes and vinyl anions”
  • 2.30-3.10 pm         Dr. A. Kyri: “Cyclic oligosilanes and their behaviour in Sila-Peterson type reactions”
  • 3.10-3.50 pm         Dr. A. Koner: '' 3,3´-Diborylation of 2,2´-bithiophene: En route to dithienoazadiborepines''


Break (3.50-4.20 pm)


  • 4.20-5.00 pm          PhD cand. N. R. Naz: “Synthesis of a new series of Janus bis(NHCs) tuned by phosphorus in different oxidation states”
  • 5.00-5.40 pm          PhD cand. P. Junker: “Investigation on synthesis and reactivity of P-amino substituted Li/Cl phosphinidenoid complexes”
  • 5.40-6.20 pm          PhD cand. A. Schmer: “From new Li/Cl phosphinidenoid complexes to novel functional phosphanylidene phosphorane complexes”
  • 6.20-7.00 pm          Prof. A. Espinosa Ferao: “Inversion barriers in σ3λ3-pnictogen derivatives”


Barbecue after 7 pm

Workshop Participants

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Electrochemistry for Main Group Inorganic Chemistry

A workshop given by Prof. René Boeré from the University of Lethbridge (Canada) hosted by Prof. Rainer Streubel (Funded by the DFG research grant STR411/46-1)



(funded by the DFG within the research grant STR411/46-1))

at the University of Bonn, Institute for Inorganic Chemistry (room 1.033AC),

hosted by Prof. Rainer Streubel


Electrochemistry for Main Group Inorganic Chemistry

by Prof. René Boeré (University of Lethbridge, Canada)

Tuesday, 12.05.  12 am – 3 pm:

Lecture 1: Introduction to electrochemistry for the investigation of redox activity in the p-block elements


Wednesday, 13.05. 9 am – 12 am:

Lecture 2: A basic theoretical framework for the understanding of voltammetry and coupled chemical reactions in p-block element chemistry


Thursday, 14.05. 1 pm – 4 pm:

Tutorial 1: Simulations of cyclic voltammograms for enhanced understanding of theory

Tutorial 2: Tutorial discussion of examples in p-block element electrochemistry


Coffee breaks of about half an hour are planned for each day

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1,2-Thiaphosphetanes: only an inspiring playground for ring conversions?


A contribution of Prof. A. Espinosa Ferao to the group seminar of the work group Streubel.

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