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17th European Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry (EWPC17)


The long tradition of workshops previously held since 2004 in Kaiserslautern, Bonn, Leipzig, Zandvoort, Regensburg, Florence, Budapest, Münster, Rennes, Regensburg, Sofia, Kassel, Berlin, Cluj-Napoca, Uppsala and Bristol will be continued with the 17th European Workshop on Phosphorus Chemistry in Rennes, France. This workshop series has a strong reputation for fruitful exchange of ideas, opinions and excellent discussions. The aspects of phosphorus chemistry covered by this workshop span organic, inorganic, polymers, materials chemistry and biological chemistry.


Our plenary speaker will be Pr. S. Yamaguchi (Nagoya University, Japan, The workshop gives early stage researchers the opportunity to communicate their work to the leading European research groups in phosphorus chemistry. The program will include oral contributions from PhD students (15 + 5 min, 1 presentation per research group) and poster sessions (no limitations).  Students will also chair the sessions of oral contributions.  Prizes for best oral contributions, posters, and chairs will be awarded.

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23rd International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry (ICPC23) 2020 !!(cancelled)!!

International Conference on Phosphorus Chemistry

Since its inauguration in 1964 in honor of Georg Wittig, the late Nobel prize winner (Heidelberg, Germany), the ICPC series has over the past more than 50 years continued to be the premier international meeting devoted uniquely to PHOSPHORUS chemistry in all its domains, providing a broad perspective on the latest developments from leading laboratories around the world.

All areas of modern phosphorus chemistry will be considered, including interdisciplinary research being done at the frontiers of biology, material sciences and applied/industrial chemistry. The conference will be organized around four interrelated themes: 1) Recent advances in new reagents and methods in phosphorus (asymmetric) syntheses, including theoretical aspects; 2) New applications of phosphorus catalysts in syntheses; 3) Latest developments concerning phosphorus-based compounds in life & health sciences, including methodologies for studying phosphorus-involving processes in living organisms; 4) Phosphorus material chemistry and applied science. Graduate students, postdoctorals and faculty in the early stage of their careers are particularly encouraged to participate.

By bringing together academic and industry researchers from diverse areas of phosphorus chemistry, ICPC23 will offer an exciting opportunity for the dissemination and exchange of new ideas, for networking with colleagues and for establishing and strengthening collaborations.

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