Testing of portable devices

Provisions and requirements for the testing of portable devices according to DGUV regulation 4 (former GUV-V A3) by the electronics workshop

Procedure for the testing of portable devices at the University of Bonn

With circular 88/2021, the university-wide "procedure for testing electrical equipment" was introduced.
This regulates the process and the responsibilities for the proper preparation and implementation of the regular testing of mobile devices at the University of Bonn.
Since the chemical institutes have been used as a pilot area for the newly designed test in recent years, there will generally be little change from the previous procedure.
Nevertheless, we refer to the current pages of the responsible department for occupational safety and environmental protection, which always has the current documents ready.

For the testing in Bonn-Endenich give an order to the electronics workshop in the chemical institutes on Gerhard-Domagk-Str. 1.
Tel.: 5822 Raum 0.001 

The institutes for physical and theoretical chemistry are cared for by the electronic workshop in the building of the institute for physical chemistry.
Tel.: 2258

There you can fix dates and get information about the necessary general conditions.

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