Temperature Alarm Network


Sensor module

  • 4-Chanel temperature measurement
  • Temperature registration by thermo couple type K
  • Temperature measurement range –200..400°C, resolution 12bit
  • RS-485 interface, indication of data transfer via LEDs, the modules are cascadable
  • Observation function for one or two temperature limits
  • Every chanel can be configured individually (inactive, upper, lower, upper & lower limit)
  • Display of operation of each chanel via LED
  • Acoustic alarm


  • 8 RS-485 chanels (RJ-45) with LED-indicator for indicating the active chanels
  • LED display for the data transfer at the RS-485 interface
  • Micro controller board with integrated webserver
  • LED display for LAN activities
  • LED indicator for power supply voltage
  • Galvanic isolated switch contact for the alarm-trigger (e.g. phone dial, siren, etc.)
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