Microscope Control

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Microprocessor controlled PID-Controller

  • LCD-Dotmatrix-Display, 4*16 characters, illuminated
  • The temperature controller is operated completely menu-controlled via the supplied software or via the display
  • Temperature detection by thermocouple of type K
  • Temperature measurement rage –200..1300°C,
    resolution 12bit
  • Power regulator via phase control (0..230V, 10A ), resolution 8 Bit
  • 2 modes:
    • Program control (20 program steps)
    • Simple control (no program steps)
  • USB interface (Virtual COM) for remote control from a PC


  • Playback of the firewire camera image in the control program
  • manual or temperature dependent snapshot and video records are possible
  • Picture and video captures display date, time and temperature
  • Data storage organized with user, project and date parameters
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