CNC aided Precision Mechanic

The precision mechanic workshop of the Institutes of Chemistry has, in addition to conventional workshop-typical machines such as turning, drilling and milling machines some CNC aided milling machines and an NC milling machine.

  • Hermle U 630T Milling Machine
  • Deckel FP3A CNC Milling Machine with Grundig Dialog 11 user control
  • Maho MH 500 NC Milling Machine with Heidenheim TNC 122 user control

With conventional lathes, turning is possible up to a peak height of 210mm with a peak distance of 1000mm. The CNC lathe clamps workpieces up to a diameter of 260mm.

Mechanik - CNC-Drehmaschine
© Mechanik-Werkstatt
Mechanik - CNC-Fräsmaschine
© Mechanik-Werkstatt

The NC milling machine has a traverse path of (x/y/z) 400mm x 400mm x 300mm with a table clamping surface of 630mm x 380mm. On the CNC milling machine, the traverse path (x/y/z/) is 400mm x 400mm x 400mm with a table clamping surface of 710mm x 430mm. In addition, several conventional milling machines are also in use in the workshop.

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