Room Usage

Windows and doors in laboratory areas

Basically the following has to be shut:

  • Windows and skylights 
  • Wired glass doors.

The exhaust system is not able to run in the correct way if the presetted pressure conditions cannot be built up.

Exceptional cases:

  • Ventilation revision
  • Failure of the exhaust air systems

Technical Rooms

Use authorized by the fire service:

  • Installation of pressurized gas cylinders inside and outside of safety cabinets
  • Storage space for non-flammable materials (cardboard boxes, styrofoam, etc. are excluded) in steel shelves
  • Data processing places


The doors of the installation shafts are freely accessible.

This means that 1.10 m before walling off the installation shafts must be kept free over the entire depth of the room. Tables and shelves may therefore have a maximum depth of 60 cm.

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