Safety Cabinets

Solvent Cabinet

Protection goal:

In the event of a fire in the work area, the contents of the cabinet do not pose any additional hazard or spread of fire for a period of at least 10 minutes, so that the work area can be left safely.

Connection to the ventilation?

Solvent cupboards can also be operated without permanently effective technical ventilation. Requirements are:

  • There are only flammable liquid materials stored.
  • There are no acids, lye or poisons stored.
  • All flammable liquid materials are stored in closed vessels.
  • In or on the cupboard will not be decanted.
  • There are no odor nuisance substances stored in the cupboard.
  • There must not be any sources of ignition in the following areas:
    • in a room without technical exhaust system:
      in an area 2,5 m around and 0,5 m over the cupboard
    • in a room that is technically ventilated at least 5 times
      (that is the case in our laboratories):
      in an area 1 m in front of, 0,5 m beside and 0,3 m over the cupboard

Gas Bottle Cabinet

Protection goal:

In the event of a fire, the pressurized gas cylinders are protected from overheating (otherwise the cylinder will leak or shatter).

Without protective measures, compressed gas cylinders must be removed from the work area after work!

When storing flammable and toxic gases, the cabinets must be connected to the ventilation.

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