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Japanese-German Symposium

General Information

The Japanese-German Symposium will take place at the University of Bonn on 6 and 7 September 2018. The meeting is co-organised by Ikuro Abe (University of Tokyo) and Jeroen Dickschat (University of Bonn). The aim of the conference is to bring a limited number of scientists from the "biosynthesis" area together to create a familiar atmosphere for stimulating discussions that may lead to new future collaborations and intensify existing cooperations.

Confirmed speakers

Ikuro Abe, University of Tokyo
Kenji Arakawa, University of Hiroshima
Teigo Asai, University of Tokyo
Christine Beemelmanns, Hans-Knöll-Institute Jena
Helge Bode, University of Frankfurt
Russell Cox, University of Hannover
Max Crüsemann, University of Bonn
Jeroen Dickschat, University of Bonn
Elke Dittmann, University of Potsdam
Paolina Garbeva, NIOO Wageningen
Tobias Gulder, TU München
Frank Hahn, University of Bayreuth
Yoshimitsu Hamano, University of Fukui
Dan Hu, Jinan University, Guangzhou
Yohei Katsuyama, University of Tokyo

Andreas Kirschning, University of Hannover
Fumitaka Kudo, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Tomohisa Kuzuyama, University of Tokyo
Atsushi Minami, University of Hokkaido
Hiroyuki Morita, University of Toyama
Rolf Müller, HIPS Saarbrücken
Makoto Nishiyama, University of Tokyo
Hiroyasu Onaka, University of Tokyo
Hiroyuki Osada, RIKEN Tokyo
Yasushi Ogasawara, University of Hokkaido 
Jörn Piel, ETH Zürich
Georg Pohnert, University of Jena
Till Schäberle, University of Gießen
Stefan Schulz, TU Braunschweig
Florian Seebeck, University of Basel
Kazuo Shin-ya, AIST Tokyo
Hiroaki Suga, University of Tokyo
Roderich Süßmuth, TU Berlin
Karl-Heinz van Pée, TU Dresden
Toshiyuki Wakimoto, University of Hokkaido
Kenji Watanabe, University of Shizuoka
Mami Yamazaki, University of Chiba



A detailed programme can be found in this PDF.


The following hotels are all in walking distance (750 - 1000 m) from the conference venue. Contingents have been reserved for the participants of the Japanese-German meeting. Please book before the indicated date and mention the promotion code "Deutsch-Japanisches Treffen".

Hotel Mozart
 (offer valid until 5 August 2018)
Hotel Kurfürstenhof (offer valid until 5 August 2018)
Hotel Villa Esplanade (offer valid until 30 July 2018)