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Caro Stobe


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E-mail: CStobe(at)



Enantiopure spirobifluorenes as buildingblocks in supramolecular receptors



S. Speidel, C. Stobe,
Praxis der Naturwissenschaften, Chemie in der Schule, 2003, 52 (4), 2-5
"Green tea. Study on the oxidative effects of green tea in relation to its infusion temperature".

C. Gütz, R. Hovorka, C. Stobe, N. Struch, F. Topic, G. Schnakenburg, K, Rissanen, A. Lützen,
Eur. J. Org. Chem., 20141, 206-216 [DOI: 10.1002/ejoc.201301314]
"Self-sorting effects in the self-assembly of metallosupramolecular rhombi from chiral BINOL-derived bis(pyridine) ligands"



C. Stobe, at the "8th Supraphone", Funchal, Portugal, 07.09-10.09.11
"Enatiopure 9,9´-spirobifluorenes as building-blocks in supramolecular receptors"



C. Benkhäuser-Schunk, G. Meyer-Eppler, C. Stobe, A. Schneider, A. Lützen,
SFB 624 Symposium, Bonn, 22-23.09.2011,
"Chiral resolution of supramolecular building blocks using High Potential Liquid Chromatography on chiral stationary phases"

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