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Synthesis and charactization of oligonuclear metalosupramolecular aggregates



L. Küchler, Arbeitsgruppentreffen Albrecht, Engeser, Lützen, Schalley, Rursee, 13.09-15.09.11
"Synthesis of bis(acetylacetonate) ligands for formation of metallosupramolecular assemblies"



C. Gütz, S. Hytteballe, L. Küchler, A. Lützen
SFB 624 Symposium, Bonn, 22-23.09.2011,

"Self-assembly of chiral metallosupramolecular aggregates"

L. Küchler, A. Lützen,
Symposium in Supramolecular Chemistry, Essen, 24-25.02.2011,
"Synthesis of bis(acetylacetonate) ligands for the formation of oligonuclear metallosupramolecular assemblies"

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