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MCh 1.1: Advanced Inorganic Molecular and Solid State Chemistry

In the field of Solid State Chemistry, students should understand the structure of different classes of solids. They should be able to use structural arguments and to categorize and systemize the large number of solid state structures. The relationship between structure and properties and the bonding of solids should be understood.
In the field of Inorganic Molecular Chemistry, the students should learn the relationship between structure, bonding and reactivity of molecular compounds of transition metals and main-group-elements and work out this knowledge on various elemetary reactions in coordination chemistry, metalorganic chemistry an homogenous catalysis.

The module is accompanied by an eCampus course. The registration for the eCampus course opens at lectures start and is highly recommended as there additional material for lecture and seminar can be accessed.
The module is held completely (lecture, seminar and written exam) in English language since winter semester 2016/2017.

Lecture: Prof. Dr. J. Beck, Dr. U. Das
Seminar: Dr. W. Assenmacher, Dr. U. Das, Dr. R. Weisbarth

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