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Prof. Dr. Arne Lützen
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Kekulé Institute of Organic Chemistry und Biochemistry
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Monika Klein
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Opening hours: Mo: 9.00-12.00 h
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The M. Sc. programme Chemistry

The Master of Science programme in Chemistry at the University of Bonn has started in the winter term 2010/2011.

Aim of the programme is to provide students with the skills to independently solve complex problems that go even beyond their own knowledge by applying an armoury of scientific methods that will be taught during the programme. Thus, the programme has a strong focus on research.

The programme is organized in a consecutive manner meaning that it bases on our B. Sc. programme in Chemistry. Thus, the programme mainly addresses students that have already obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry but also students that have a B.Sc. degree in another topic might be admitted.

The deadline for applications is the 1st of July (receipt at the Department of Chemistry) to apply for the admission to the MSc programme in October.

Starting in the winter term 2016/17 the master programme will be taught completely in English.


Please read the webpages of the MSc programme in Chemistry thoroughly before contacting us to ask for the chances of a successful application. Please pay special attention to the requirements to be admitted to the programme, in particular, concerning your language skills but also concerning your expertise in chemistry.
In the case you are not sure wether you fulfil these requirements, please, fill in the first five pages of the application form and send them to Dr. Ulrich Keßler for further evaluation. Please note that if the modules/courses of your bachelor (or equivalent) education are not classified according to the ECTS-System please state the total workload of the modules on pp. 3-5. In addition, please provide a short description of the modules' contents or a link to the respective summary of modules.

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