Wichtige Termine im Sommersemester 2017
  • Beginn der Vorlesungszeit: 18.04.2017 (Di)
  • Ende der Vorlesungszeit: 28.07.2017
  • Die Vorlesungen fallen aus:
    06.06. - 09.06.2017
  • Dies academicus: 17.05.2017
  • Feiertage: 25.05., 15.06.2017
KOPO 2017

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BIGS Chemistry

GDCh Ortsverband Bonn



Vorsitzender: Prof. Dr. A. Lützen
Jungchemikerforum Bonn


FG Chemie auf

Die 7. Folge der "Frag
die Bonner Forscher" beschäftigt sich
mit der Frage, warum die Elemente im
Periodensystem genau auf diese Weise
angeordnet sind. Im Videoclip wird u. a.
der Schalenaufbau der Elektronenhülle
und der daraus resultierende Aufbau
des Periodensystems erklärt.


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These pages contain information about the courses of study and the research activities of the Departmetn of Chemistry (part of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität).


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Prof. Stefan Grimme distinguished as Highly Cited Researcher again

Prof. Dr. Stefan Grimme (Mulliken Center for Theoretical Chemistry) was named a Highly Cited Researcher in 2016 by Thomson Reuters (see
Highly Cited Researchers 2016 represents some of world’s most influential scientific minds.
About 3300 researchers earned this distinction by writing the greatest number of reports officially designated by Essential Science Indicators as Highly Cited Papers - ranking among the top 1% most cited for their subject field and year of publication. The study covered scientific papers over the period 2004-2014. In the scientific field of Prof. Grimme (Chemistry), this world-wide list contains only 214 other researchers who achieved this exceptional impact. Prof. Grimme received this award the third time in a row indicating his continuous impact in Chemistry.

At the same time, the American Journal C&EN lists Prof. Grimmes paper "Semiempirical GGA-type density functional constructed with a long-range dispersion correction" as most-cited chemistry paper of 2006. According to C&EN it has been cited 7480 times up to now and therefore might be the most-cited paper of 2006 in the field of chemistry worldwide.

The Department of Chemistry compliments Prof. Grimme on these outstanding distinctions!


WACKER Silicone Award 2016 goes to Prof. Filippou

On August 30th 2016, Prof. Dr. Alexander C. Filippou, Institute of Inorganic Chemistry, was awarded the WACKER Silicone Award 2016 during the 8th European Silicon Days in Posen (Poland). Thereby, the chemistry company from Munich recognises Prof. Filippous ground-breaking work in the field of siliconorganic chemistry. Amongst others, important examples are the isolation of a transition metal complex containing a metal silicon triple bond and the synthesis of a stable silanone containing a silicon oxygen double bond. Besides the Kipping-Award of the American Chemical Society, the WACKER Silicone Award is one of the most distinguished prizes in the field of siliconorganic chemnistry.

Read more: press release of WACKER Chemie AG


Stefan Grimme awarded Leibniz prize 2015

Prof. Dr. Stefan Grimme receives the Gottfried-Wilhelm-Leibniz-Prize for his outstanding research in the field of Theoretical Chemistry, as announced by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) on 10th december 2014. The Rector of the University of Bonn, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Fohrmann, complimented Prof. Grimme on this award which is considered as the "German Nobel Prize".

Thus, Prof. Grimme is already the fifth chemist of the University of Bonn to be honoured with this prize which is awarded annually since 1986 and is endowed with 2.5 million euro. The high quality of the chemical research at the University of Bonn, especially in the field of Theoretical Chemistry, is therefore approved again. 

further information:

detailed press release of the University of Bonn

research areas of Prof. Grimme


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