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Samples can be delivered every tuesday from 09:00 to 09:30 in the X-ray office 0.511 (Central Analytic)

  • Please note the instructions before submitting the sample.

  • Please note that the cell parameters of already known starting materials, reactants and/or products can be indicated on the reverse side of the order form. Please make sure to fill in this part. You will help us enormously to avoid unnecessary measurements. This saves measurement time, money and effort. We and other customers thank you.

  • If you wish, we can take care of the data collection, the preparation of the samples and the evaluation of the measurement results.

  • The crystalline samples can be prepared under inert and/or low temperature conditions.

  • The measurement itself is carried out at -150°C or even lower temperatures, unless you expressly request or require otherwise.


Diffractometers X-ray sources Cooling default measurement temperature
typical duration
Bruker D8-Venture

Microfocus sources

Mo-Kα radiation


Oxford Cryostream 800er series -173 °C (100 K)

ca. 4-24 h


Stehanode (sealed tube)

Oxford-Cryostream 700 series -150 °C (123 K)
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Bruker D8-Venture

The D8-Venture is equipped with a CMOS detector. Measurements can be performed with high sensitivity and, if necessary, also "shutterless". This shortens the measurement time considerably.

In addition, the use of Cu radiation enables the determination of the absolute configuration of organic compounds.


The STOE IPDS-2T is ideally suited for weakly scattering crystals, twinning problems or crystals whose elementary cell axes are extremely long.

If such samples are not available, "standard samples" are of course also measured very reliably.

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There is the possibility for interested students to learn the method during an internship. Crediting of the internship towards elective and/or compulsory courses in the context of various bachelor's or master's degree programs is possible, if applicable.

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