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  • 2024-06-18T17:00:00+02:00
  • 2024-06-18T19:00:00+02:00
Juni 18 Dienstag

18.06.2024 von 17:00 bis 19:00

Supramolecular Gels & Polymers: From Superhydrophobic and Slippery Surfaces to Directional Transport along Gradients In the first part, a very simple production procedure for superhydrophobic and slippery surfaces is reported. The deposition of a gel leads to the surface roughness needed for superhydrophobicity and in a way mimics the Lotus leaf effect. The second part of the talk discusses approaches to chemically and light-switchable mono- and multilayers of rotaxanes on gold surfaces. With alternating layer-by-layer deposition of the tetralactam macrocycles or the corresponding rotaxanes and various connecting metal ions, coordination oligomers with well-defined sequences can be built that are anchored on one end on the surface. The third part discusses how to use a supramolecular polymer self-assembling from easy-to-synthesize monomers as a supramolecular machine for the directional transport of particles as their cargo over millimeter distances.

  • 2024-07-02T16:00:00+02:00
  • 2024-07-02T18:00:00+02:00
Juli 2 Dienstag

02.07.2024 von 16:00 bis 18:00

Im Anschluss an die Vorträge laden wir wieder zum traditionellen Sommergrillfest vor dem Hörsaalgebäude ein.

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