FAQs and information about the Master of Science Chemistry program

The FAQs are divided into two different sections. The first section deals with frequently asked questions about the application process and everything that is important before starting your studies. The second section answers common questions that come up during your studies. The FAQs are only available in English and are updated regularly.

FAQs: Application period

An application is only possible during the application period, which will be published on our homepage. The application portal can be found here:


We do not accept applications via email or applications sent by postal service.

An application guide with additional information regarding the single steps during the application process can be found here.

Due to the large number of applications we need some time to evaluate all applications in detail. Please do not expect a feedback before mid-August (applications for the winter semester), respectively mid-February (applications for the summer semester). We will do our best to process the applications as fast as possible. Please refrain from inquiring repeatedly.

No, that is not possible, you need to wait for the next application period to start.

You need to send them via email to Mrs. Kerstin König (application_mch@ticket.uni-bonn.de)

Yes, but you will only get admitted into the program after you got your Bachelor’s certificate, which you need to provide until the 30th of September/31st of March.

Yes. Please try not to translate the whole text with an online translator, but use your own words. Also, please keep it short and simple: One page is enough.

No, you need to apply directly via our application portal within the application time span. We do not cooperate with Uni-Assist.

No, the application period is the same for all applicants.

No, we do not collect application fees.

Yes, we cannot admit you without an APS certificate.

Yes. Please note, that we do not accept online tests done from home (e.g. "TOEFL-iBT Home Edition" or "Duolingo English Test"). In case of doubt, please contact: application_mch@ticket.uni-bonn.de

Grades will be converted using the modified Bavarian formula. Different credit point systems will be converted using the following formula to ECTS points (German credit point system): 
ECTS = CP * 60 * length / total-CP

CP = credit points in your system

length = your bachelor’s program length in years

total-CP = total number of necessary credit points in your bachelor’s system

Yes, the amount varies every semester, you can have a look at the latest amount here: https://www.uni-bonn.de/en/studying/application-admission-and-enrollment/costs

No, that is not possible. You already need to have reached the sufficient amount of ECTS in all mandatory fields during your previous Bachelor studies in order to get an admission letter. It’s not possible to make up for missing modules/credit points.

31st of October for the winter semester and 30th of April for the summer semester. For all other questions regarding the enrollment procedure please turn directly to the student registry: https://www.uni-bonn.de/en/studying/consultation-and-service/student-registry/student-registry
Keep in mind that the enrolment has to be completed at this point! (Calculate in time for the postal service and so on.)

No, we do not get in contact with embassies directly.

As there is no mandatory attendance in the lectures, you can (in principle) join whenever you want. However, we would recommend not coming later than two weeks after the start of the lectures. You will have to catch up on the missed lecture’s content on your own, which of course will get increasingly difficult the later you join the lectures and exercises.

There are two modules (MCh 1.3 and MCh 1.4) with exercises, where you need to achieve 50 % of all points (accumulated over the entire semester) in order to be able to take part in the exam at the end of the semester. If you just miss the first 2-3 ones, you can compensate for this during the rest of the semester.

If you will not be able to start your studies in the semester you’ve applied for, you do not need to register as a student. You should apply again for the next semester intake as soon as the application portal is open again and additionally write an email to the study program management (Kerstin König, application_mch@ticket.uni-bonn.de) and let them know that you already got an admission for the semester before.

We do not provide any funding or scholarships within our department, but you can have a look here:



FAQs: During your studies

Normally, the Fachschaft (student council) creates a WhatsApp group for every semester at the beginning of the lectures period. Ask them about the latest one (if not already shown on our homepage): fachschaft-chemie@uni-bonn.de

We (department of Chemistry) cannot do anything. We cannot interfere with the Studierendenwerk nor fasten the process of providing rooms for students (in case you applied for a room there). Yes, we know how expensive the rent here in and around Bonn is; no, we cannot change that and no, we cannot support you financially. 

Tips we can give:

Do not only rely on the Studierendenwerk for housing.
Have a look for private dormitories in Bonn or Cologne.
Have a look at Facebook groups, Kleinanzeigen, wg-gesucht, immoscout etc. and apply for all the rooms you can afford.
Ask your fellow students if they know someone who rents out a room/know where something might be available.
 Do not only search for rooms in the city center of Bonn or near the Chemistry department, broaden your search radius to the surrounding area and villages around Bonn and Beuel, even have a look at available rooms in Cologne and every town in between – even in the areas around Euskirchen or Siegburg something might be available.
Up to about one hour and a half of commuting is manageable; you can go around with the public transport in NRW for free thanks to your student ID (except ICE, IC and EC trains!).

If you need more assistance:

"Zimmer Frei!?" Bonn, Contact: +49 (0)228/ 73-66002, zimmerfrei@uni-bonn.de
Amt für Soziales und Wohnen der Stadt Bonn (The Social Security and Accommodation Office of the City of Bonn), Contact: +49 (0)228 / 77-48 10 or +49 (0)228/ 77-49 59, address: Friedrich-Breuer-Straße 65, 53225 Bonn
General Students’ Committee (AStA) -The Office “Wohnen für Hilfe”, Contact: Wednesday and Fridays +49 (0)151/51433701, wfh@asta.uni-bonn.de

You are welcome to make an appointment with the study program management to discuss your problems and ask your questions: studienberatung_chemie@ticket.uni-bonn.de

If you forgot to sign up for the exam during the exam registration period, there is normally nothing we can do about that, you need to wait for the next exam.
Registration and de-registration are only possible until one week prior to the exam. Afterwards your registration is binding. If you are unsure how to proceed, please get in contact with the study program management: studienberatung_chemie@ticket.uni-bonn.de

If you are not able to attend the exam out of health reasons, you need to go the doctor (on that same day!) and let him/her fill out a special form you can find on our website: https://www.chemie.uni-bonn.de/de/studium-lehre/medien/pdfs/formular_pruefungsunfaehigkeit_20190924.pdf
A normal “Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung” (certificate of incapacity for work) or “Krankmeldung” (notification of sick leave) is not enough in this case.

Additionally, you need to write an email to Mrs. Monika Klein (chemiestudium@ticket.uni-bonn.de) and let her know that you will not be able to attend the exam. Please send her your certificate of incapacity as well.

Online-Bewerbung zum Masterstudiengang Chemistry

Die Online-Bewerbung zum englischsprachigen Masterstudiengang Chemistry (Studienbeginn WiSe 2024/25) ist vom 01.06.2024 – 01.07.2024 möglich.

Introductory PDF-guide for new MSc Chemistry students

Downloadable guide in .pdf format for new MSc Chemistry students to help them get started. Contents important information as well as a schedule. 


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