MCh 20 2 Analytical Methods for Condensed Matter

Crystallography, X-ray and electron radiation, structure determination of crystalline and non-crystalline materials.
  • Basic concepts of crystallography
  • Physical fundamentals of diffraction phenomena with X-rays and electron beams
  • Application of these methods for structure determination of crystalline and non crystalline substances
  • Vibrational spectroscopy of solids, factor group analysis
  • Electron spectra and magnetism of transition metals

Qualification goals

  • Ability to apply the imparted knowledge for the indexing of
    diffraction images and for structure determination from diffraction data
  • Development of problem solving skills and enhancement of analytical
  • Acquisition of methodological knowledge and knowledge of equipment
    critical handling of results
  • Recognition of the limits of scientific methods
  • Recognition of "pitfalls" and avoidance of misinterpretations
  • Development of the spatial imagination

Module facts

10 CP

Summer semester

Course format
Lecture (3 SWS; each 2 x 90 min per week)
Seminar (2 SWS; each 1 x 45 min and 1 x 90 min per week)
Laboratory course (2 SWS; upon consultation)

Module prerequisites

Academic performance
50 % of the points in the excercises

Form of examination

Module coordinator
Prof. Dr. C. Lu

Further Information

The event is accompanied by an eCampus course. Joining this course is strongly advised. All communication will be through the university email address and eCampus.

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