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Molecular Physical Chemistry

18. May 2022

Ultrafast Dynamics of Photochemical Nitrile Imine Formation Femtosecond UV-pump/IR-probe spectroscopy elucidates cycloelimination of N2 from a tetrazole

Femtosecond UV-pump/IR-probe spectroscopy elucidates the molecular mechanism of the photo-induced 1,3-dipolar cycloelimination of N2 from a tetrazole. In liquid solution, the nitrile imine photoproduct is a very floppy molecule that can adopt a variety of different conformations ranging from propargylic all the way to allenic structures.

Cycloelimination of N2
Cycloelimination of N2 © Uni Bonn
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The chemical reactivity of nitrile imines is of great utility in organic synthesis with applications rapidly expanding into the materials and life sciences. Yet, our understanding of the electronic and molecular structures of nitrile imines remains incomplete and the elementary mechanism of their photoinduced generation is entirely unknown ...

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