Dr. Michael von Domaros has been honored with the Geheimrat Dr. ter-Meer-Preis 2019 of the Universitätsgesellschaft Bonn for his Ph.D thesis in the group of Prof. Barbara Kirchner.

Press release from the University of Bonn

Stairway to Sustainability - Research on recycling of industrial waste: A new video from the The European Training Network SOCRATES, in which Prof.  Barbara Kirchner and Dr. Oldamur Hollóczki are involved, is online.

Prof. Sigrid Peyerimhoff established an endowment fund for the promotion of young scientists from the Department of Chemistry of the University of Bonn. There are two prizes awarded each year:

  1. Sigrid Peyerimhoff Promotion Award with a prize-money of 2000 € for an outstanding master's thesis in Chemistry.
  2. Sigrid Peyerimhoff Research Award with a prize-money of 3000 € for an outstanding publication in the field of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry.

Further information can be found in the press release of the University of Bonn.

Dr. Christoph Bannwarth, a former PhD student of Prof. Stefan Grimme, will be honored with the CIC Advancement Award for Computational Chemistry 2019.

The article Strong Microheterogeneity in Novel Deep Eutectic Solvents by Vahideh Alizadeh, David Geller, Dr. Friedrich Malberg, Dr. Pablo B. Sánchez, Prof. Agilio Padua, and Prof.  Barbara Kirchner has been selected as Cover Feature of Issue 14/2019 of ChemPhysChem.

Prof. Barbara Kirchner has been honored with the Lynden-Bell Award 2019. The price is awarded in "recognition of a working life trajectory in ionic liquids".

 "How much plastic is too much for us?"  Dr. Oldamur Hollóczki published a newspaper article which deals with the environmental problems caused by plastic in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). Link to the article "Wieviel Plastik ist zu viel für uns?" on

 The article Simplifed DFT methods for consistent structures and energies of large systems  by Eike Caldeweyher and Jan Gerit Brandenburg was chosen as January 2019 Psi-k Highlight.

 The J. Chem. Eng. Data article A Cluster Approach for Activity Coefficients: General Theory and Implementation by Johannes Ingenmey, Jan Blasius, Gwydyon Marchelli, Alexander Riegel and Prof. Barbara Kirchner has been selected as open acces ACS Editors' Choice article. 

 Prof. Stefan Grimme is a "Highly Cited Researcher“: Clarivate Analytics identified Stefan Grimme as a member of "an elite group recognized for exceptional research performance demonstrated by production of multiple highly cited papers that rank in the top 1% by citations for field and year in Web of Science."  The analyzed period covers the decade 2006-2016. With Prof. Frank Neese (Professor in Bonn from 2006-2011, now Honorary Professor) there is another theoretician from Bonn on this list.

Press release University of Bonn

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