Universität Bonn


GDCh-Kolloquium: Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalley, FU Berlin
18.06.2024 von 17:00 bis 19:00

Supramolecular Gels & Polymers: From Superhydrophobic and Slippery Surfaces to Directional Transport along Gradients In the first part, a very simple production procedure for superhydrophobic and slippery surfaces is reported. The deposition of a gel leads to the surface roughness needed for superhydrophobicity and in a way mimics the Lotus leaf effect. The second part of the talk discusses approaches to chemically and light-switchable mono- and multilayers of rotaxanes on gold surfaces. With alternating layer-by-layer deposition of the tetralactam macrocycles or the corresponding rotaxanes and various connecting metal ions, coordination oligomers with well-defined sequences can be built that are anchored on one end on the surface. The third part discusses how to use a supramolecular polymer self-assembling from easy-to-synthesize monomers as a supramolecular machine for the directional transport of particles as their cargo over millimeter distances.

AC Kolloquium - Prof. Dr. Justin R. Walensky
25.07.2024 ab 16:15 Uhr

University of Missouri, Columbia- "Cooperative Chemistry in Small Molecule Activation with Actinide Complexes" Actinides are large, radioactive, electropositive metals that need and want electron density. Hence, they prefer hard Lewis bases such as oxygen and nitrogen. Our group has been developing the chemistry of the actinides with soft Lewis bases, such as phosphorus and arsenic, thus depriving the metal center of electron density. This dramatically increases the reactivity of these complexes leading to unusual reactivity. In addition, uranium can exist in multiple oxidation states and low-valent uranium is well-known to be a powerful reducing agent. In each case, our group utilizes the unique properties of the actinides to investigate reaction modes and potential intermediates to convert small molecules such as CO into more desirable chemicals. Our recent results will be discussed in this seminar.

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