24. Juni 2021

Carbon- and Photo- Copies of Olefins: Overview, Synthesis, & Properties of π-Conjugated Materials with P=E Bonds Carbon- and Photo- Copies of Olefins

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Dr. P © John D. Protasiewicz (Case Western Reserve)
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by Prof. John D. Protasiewicz; Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio USA
Tentative Schedule

Thursday, June 24, 3 pm – 6 pm:
Lecture 1 (2 h): Background of Main Group Compounds with pπ-pπ Bonds to Phosphorus: Carbon Copies of Olefins
Part 1- Overview// Part 2-ProperDes

Thursday, June 24, 3 pm – 6 pm:
Lecture 2 (2 h): Phospha-Wittig Reagents: Use to Make P=C Bonds and Perspec2ves as Coordina2on Complexes of Phosphinidenes
Tutorial 1 (1 h): Synthe2c Opportuni2es for R3P=PR

Friday, June 25, 3 pm – 6 pm:
Lecture 3 (2 h): Luminescent Materials having P=C Bonds: Photo Copies of Olefins
Tutorial (1 h): Organophosphorus Materials Chemistry

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