04. Oktober 2018

New Developments in Inorganic Chemistry New Developments in Inorganic Chemistry

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Schedule (Lectures 25 plus 5 min discussion)

1.00-1.10 pm Welcome note by Prof. R. Streubel
1.10-1.40 pm Prof. N. Tokitoh: Synthesis and Properties of Heavier Group 14 Element Analogues of Aryl Anions
1.40-2.10 pm Prof. L. Nyulaszi: Aromaticity in heterodienes: The case of planar phosphorus and silicon
2.10-2.40 pm Prof. A. Espinosa Ferao: Oxaphosphiranes as intermediates in classical organic reactions
2.40-3.10 pm PD. H. Helten: Novel Routes to Conjugated Organoboron Polymers and Molecular Materials

Break (3.10-3-40 pm)

3.40-4.10 pm PD. E. Ionescu: Preceramic polymer routes to advanced Si-containing ceramics
4.10-4.40 pm Prof. T. Sasamori: Synthesis and Structure of 1,3-Digerma-2-silaallene: Allene vs Silylone
4.40-5.10 pm Prof. A. Frontera: The Bright Future of Tetrel, Pnicogen and Chalcogen Bonding σ/π-Hole Interactions
5.10-5.40 pm Prof. D. P. Gates: Can Phosphorus Make a Polymer Smart?
5.40-6.10 pm Prof. D. Gudat: Some considerations on the chemistry of "phosphinidene-imidazolylidenes" and their derivatives

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