GDCh-Kolloquium - Professor Dr. Patrick Holland
17.05.2023 von 17:00 bis 18:00

Breaking it and fixing it: new chemistry with nitrogen Atmospheric N2 is a cheap, abundant resource with great potential for energy storage and chemical escribe the challenges and opportunities of nitrogen fixation, as well as my students' disynthesis, but it is difficult to convert it into other compounds ("fixing" nitrogen). This seminar will dscoveries of how to break the N–N bond of N2 using homogeneous transition-metal complexes. In addition to new catalysts for producing ammonia, we have identified a new mechanism for sequential C-H activation and N-N activation to create C-N bonds. Detailed mechanistic studies reveal a cyclic reaction, which gives a route from atmospheric N2 and petroleum-derived arenes to substituted anilines. This is an important step toward preparing useful chemicals using air as a starting material.

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