Teaching Gansäuer Group

On this page you can find information about our teaching.


In the ‘Bachelor of Science’ studies, we are involved in the modules BSc 4.1 ‘Praxis der Organischen Chemie’ and BSc 5.1 ‘Konzepte und Synthesen in der Organischen Chemie’ 

These courses deal with basic and classic organic chemistry. BSc 4.1 also includes a lab course where the concepts are put into operation by practically carrying out organic key-reactions. Applications featuring transition metals for C-C bond forming reactions are not included. Specific details on the courses can be found in our ‘Modulhandbuch’ and on eCampus.


Our contributions to the ‘Master of Science’  courses are in the modules MSc 1.2 ‘Organic Molecules and Materials’ and WP 7 (Organometallic Chemistry). In MSc 1.2, we focus on basic concepts of organometallic reactivity and some catalytic reactions relevant to organic synthesis that use with organometallic catalysts. The focus is on an intuitive understanding of reactivity and examples that highlight the power of these reactions for the synthesis of complex molecules. Details can be found in the ‘Modulhandbuch’ of the MSc course and on eCampus.

In general, we focus on a sound mechanism-based understanding of the concepts of Organic Chemistry. In this manner, the – at first sight only – confusing diversity of properties of organic compounds and their reactions can be rationalized. This will allow interested students to develop an intuitive and at the same time conceptual understanding of our branch of science. It is clear, though, that our integrative approach to thinking about Organic Chemistry also requires some knowledge of the facts!


By including concepts of ‘sustainability’ into our teaching, we also provide tools to participate in discussions to issues relevant to the development of our modern society.

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