Examination Office and Board (MSc Chemistry)

The tasks of the examination board are regulated according to § 8 of the examination regulations. In particular, the examination board ensures that the provisions of the examination regulations are observed.

The examination office takes over the administrative tasks of the examination board. It issues certificates and diplomas and is your first point of contact for administrative matters such as registering for the Master's examination or registering and submitting the Master's thesis. You can find forms for this below.

Examination Board

Please send requests and inquiries to the examination committee for the master's program in Chemistry to this address.

Contact (chairperson)

Prof. Dr. Jeroen Dickschat

+49 228  73-5797


Gerhard-Domagk-Str. 1
53121 Bonn

Examination Office

For formal inquiries (e.g. registration and submission of the master thesis) please contact the examination office.


Monika Klein

+49 228 73-5360


Room 0.104 (ground floor)
Gerhard-Domagk-Str. 1
53121 Bonn


Examination regulations and module guide

Here you can download the examination regulations and the module handbook in German and English. Please note that only the German version of the examination regulations has legal validity. The English version offered here is intended as a reading aid only.

Examination Regulations MSc Chemistry (08.09.2020) (German)
Examination regulations MSc Chemistry (08.09.2020) (English)
Module guide MSc Chemistry (Stand 06.02.2024) (German) 
Module guide MSc Chemistry (Stand 06.02.2024) (English)

Forms and additional documents

Form (incapacity for examination due to illness) (German)
Registration form for the Master's examination (1st semester) (English)
Notes for the design of the master thesis (German)
Master thesis registration form (German)
Letter of attorney for viewing a written examination (German)

Official Announcements

The Examination Board would like to point out the modalities for deregistering from examinations due to illness.

1. to deregister from an examination after the deregistration deadline (or from an examination that has been compulsorily registered), a doctor's certificate of incapacity for examination due to illness must be submitted to the Examinations Office. A normal certificate of incapacity for work ("yellow form") is not sufficient. In a change to previous practice, such a certificate will no longer be recognized by the Examination Board from WS2017/18.
2. examination anxiety or examination stress do not justify illness-related incapacity to take examinations.
3. an inability to take an examination due to illness requires that the causal health impairment is acute and of a temporary nature.
4. by taking an examination, you always confirm to the examiner that you consider yourself fit to take the examination. If you unexpectedly feel unfit to take an examination, please inform the examiner or invigilator immediately. You should then consult a doctor immediately and obtain a certificate of incapacity for the examination.
Further information can be found on the intranet pages of Dept. 9.1 (accessible from the university network or via VPN client).

You can use the form provided in the Downloads section of the Examination Board and Examinations Office (see above) to obtain a medical certificate of incapacity to take examinations due to illness.

From the summer semester 2024, the examination type of the compulsory elective module "Surface Science and Electrochemistry" will be changed from a written examination to an oral examination.


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