27. April 2023

Vortrag Dr. Alexander Hinz Vortrag Dr. Alexander Hinz

AC-Kolloquium am 27.04.2023: "Silicon and barium chemistry with a bulky carbazolyl ligand"

AC-Kolloquium am 27.04.2023: Dr. Alexander Hinz
AC-Kolloquium am 27.04.2023: Dr. Alexander Hinz © Susanne Lonski
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Sterically demanding ligands have been employed to stabilise low-coordinate environments for elements throughout the periodic table. The Hinz group has developed such a ligand on basis of the carbazole scaffold which allowed the synthesis of the first base-free halosilylenes. Since then, their reactivity towards small molecules and transition metal complexes has been studied. This enabled insight into the distinct behaviour of base-stabilised and base-free halosilylenes.

As soluble hydride complexes of the heavy alkaline earth elements are still rare and frequently are stabilised by sterically demanding ligands, we recently initiated efforts towards synthesising such hydride complexes with the bulky carbazolyl ligand.

Further information about the research group of Dr. Alexander Hinz (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology) can be found at: https://www.aoc.kit.edu/3611.php

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