01. Februar 2024

Vortrag Dr. Felicitas Lips Vortrag Dr. Felicitas Lips

AC-Kolloquium am 01.02.2024: "Reactivity of Amido-Substituted Silicon Ring and Cluster Compounds"⠀

AC-Kolloquium am 01.02.2024: Dr. Felicitas Lips
AC-Kolloquium am 01.02.2024: Dr. Felicitas Lips © Gregor Schnakenburg
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In my talk different synthetic pathways to unsaturated amido-substituted silicon ring and cluster compounds will be introduced. By modifications of the steric and electronic properties of the amido substituent we can access different silicon ring and clusters compounds with diverse electronic properties. These compounds feature a pair of three-coordinate silicon atoms with zwitterionic character and low-coordinate silicon atoms that we want to exploit for activation of strong bonds in small molecules such as NH3, BH3, CO2, H2, MeOH and alkenes and alkynes.

Beyond that, starting from a bicyclic silicon(I) ring compound we found access to novel silicon chalcogenide cage compounds with silicon in different low-oxidation states and to a so-called silylone with an additional Si=N double bond. Cleavage of one amido substituent from the bicyclic silicon(I) ring compound with KC8 resulted in a rare homoaromatic anionic species that can be easily transferred with SiMe3Cl into the first neutral homocyclic silylene.

Further information about the research of Dr. Felicitas Lips (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster) can be found at: https://www.uni-muenster.de/Chemie.ac/forschung/ak_lips/lips/index.html

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