18. April 2024

Vortrag M. Sc. Jens Rump Vortrag M. Sc. Jens Rump

AC-Kolloquium am 18.04.2024: "Transition Metal – Group XIV Element Multiple Bonds: Theoretical Investigations of Group 9 Tetrylidyne and Bis-Tetrylidyne Complexes"⠀

AC-Kolloquium am 18.04.2024: Vortrag M. Sc. Jens Rump
AC-Kolloquium am 18.04.2024: Vortrag M. Sc. Jens Rump © Dr. Gregor Schnakenburg
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Transition metal tetrylidyne complexes of the form LnM≡E−R (Ln = ligand sphere, M = group 9 transition metal, E = group 14 element, R = organyl group) as well as ditetrylynes RE≡ER are well established classes of compounds. However, the scope of tetrylidyne complexes can be significantly expanded by leveraging the thermodynamic properties of both, E≡E and M≡E, triple bonds.

Recent advancements enable metal-centered E≡E triple bond cleavage reactions of ditetrylynes and metathetical M≡E bond exchanges, offering elegant pathways to synthesize the first group 9 transition metal tetrylidene-tetrylidyne [LnM{ER}{E(X)R}] (X = halogen) and bis-tetrylidyne [LnM{ER}2]+ complexes.

Distinctive structural features of these novel compounds prompt inquiries regarding the correlations between bond lengths, bond strengths and bond orders. Consequently, a range of quantum chemical tools have been employed to probe and comparatively analyze thermodynamic properties and electronic structures of these compounds.

Further information about the research of M. Sc. Jens Rump (University of Bonn) can be found at: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Jens-Rump

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