25. Januar 2024

Vortrag Dr. Marcus Schmidt Vortrag Dr. Marcus Schmidt

AC-Kolloquium am 25.01.2024: "Crystal growth by Chemical Vapor Transport"

AC-Kolloquium am 25.01.2024: Dr. Marcus Schmidt
AC-Kolloquium am 25.01.2024: Dr. Marcus Schmidt © Dr. Gregor Schnakenburg
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In recent years, a large number of compounds from different classes - intermetallic phases, pnictides, oxides, chalcogenides and halides - have been crystallized at the MPI CPfS by chemical vapor transport. After rare earth metal compounds with complex anions, pnictide chalcogenides and monophosphides or arsenides of niobium and tantalum, the research focus at the moment is on the crystallization of intermetallic compounds crystallizing in the FeSi structure type and dichalcogenides of some transition metals. The grown crystals have been made available for various collaborative projects to study their physical and chemical properties. The development of physical measurement methods to increasingly sensitive systems opens new perspectives for chemical vapor transport. Crystals, which were previously unsuitable for measurements due to their small size, can now be characterized very precisely in terms of their physical properties.

Further information about the research of Dr. Marcus Schmidt (Max Planck Institute for Chemicas Physics of Solids) can be found at: https://imprs-cpqm.mpg.de/135290/LP_SchmidtM

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