AC Kolloquium - Dr. Joey Feld
03.11.2022 ab 17:15 Uhr

"Synthesis and reactivity of main-group complexes with heavy heteroatomic double bonds" Multiple bonds are common in organic compounds featuring elements such as boron, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen. Heavier p-block elements form weaker multiple bonds, resulting in significantly different reactivity to those of lighter analogues. We present the use of phosphaketenes to form P=E multiple bonds.

AC Kolloquium - Dr. Francis Lam
15.12.2022 ab 17:15 Uhr

Universität Bonn - "Catalytic Dinitrogen Conversion to Secondary Silylamines by Metallacyclic f-block Complexes"

AC Kolloquium - M.Sc. Philipp Brehm
19.01.2023 ab 17:15 Uhr

Universität Bonn - "Beyond innocence: On the generation and shuffling of electron spin density in phosphorous compounds."

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