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Welcome to the website of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry of the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn.

Guest lecture Prof. Dr. Josef Michl

Guest lecture on July 18, 2023: "Metalloporphenes, a New Family of Conjugated 2-Dimensional Polymers”

Vortrag Prof. Dr. Takahiro Sasamori

AC-Kolloquium am 13.07.2023: "Chemistry of Hetarenes Including Heavier Main Group Elements"

Vortrag Prof. Dr. Moumita Majumdar

AC-Kolloquium am 06.07.2023: "Designing Cationic Heavier Main-Group Compounds: New Feats in the Field of Catalysis"

Chemische Institute - ...
05:00 PM - 07:00 PM
Stefan Flesch, Universität Bonn Ultrafast dynamics of photochemical nitrile imine formation Claudia Gräve, Universität Bonn 2DIR Spectroscopy of ...
GDCh-Kolloquium Prof. Dr. Oliver Reiser
Chemische Institute - ...
05:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Copper makes the difference: Developing Sustainable Photoredox Catalyzed Transformations Synthetic organic chemistry undertakes significant efforts to ...
GDCh-Kolloquium Prof. Dr. Tsuyoshi Kato
Chemische Institute ...
05:00 PM - 06:00 PM
Low-valent silicon complexes and their analogues: surprising and peculiar behaviors For over ten years, we have been developing the chemistry of low-value ...

Research areas

  • Solid State Chemistry
  • Inorganic Molecular Chemistry
  • Organometallic Chemistry
  • Chemical Vapour Transport
  • Reactive Intermedia
  • Crystallography
  • Sustainable Catalysts

Research Groups

Currently, five research groups with about 60 scientific staff are conducting research at the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry.

Jun.-Prof. Dr. Alessandro Bismuto

Metal and elemental organic molecular chemistry, bismuth compounds for catalysis and optoelectronics

Prof. Dr. Alexander C. Filippou

Organometallic chemistry, coordination chemistry, catalysis, quantum chemistry, element-element multiple bonds

Prof. Dr. Robert Glaum

Inorganic solid state chemistry: anhydrous phosphates, chemical transport, optical properties

Prof. Dr. Connie Lu

Catalysts for the activation of small molecules, ligand design, transition metal complexes

Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Rainer Streubel

Metal and element organic molecular chemistry, coordination chemistry, heterocyclic chemistry, reactive intermediates


Former professors of the Institute of Inorganic Chemistry

Job offers

Student / Scientific Assistants
  • Praktikum „Anorganische und Analytische Chemie III, Quanitative Analyse“ (Modul BCh 20 3.1)
  • Nebenfächlerpraktikum "Chemisches Praktikum für Biologen" (Modul BP03)


Institute for Inorganic Chemistry

Managing Director: Prof. Dr. Alexander C. Filippou

Denise Dupont
Tel +49 228 73-5364
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Room 4.030
Gerhard-Domagk-Straße 1
D-53121 Bonn

Institute Administration

Dr. Sabine Rings

Christine Dolf
Tel +49 228 73-2664
Fax +49 228 73- 2709

Room 3.031
Gerhard-Domagk-Straße 1
53121 Bonn

Study Counseling

Dr. Jörg Daniels
Consultation hours Di 15 - 16 Uhr

Tel +49 228 73-3591
Fax +49 228 73-5660

Room 2.001
Gerhard-Domagk-Straße 1
53121 Bonn

Opening Hours

  • Monday - Friday
    8 am - 7 pm

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