Vortrag Dr. habil. Jonathan O. Bauer

AC-Kolloquium am 25.04.2024: "Between Frustration and Cooperation: Ring Formation and Dihydrogen Release in Silicon-Based Systems"⠀

Vortrag M. Sc. Jens Rump

AC-Kolloquium am 18.04.2024: "Transition Metal – Group XIV Element Multiple Bonds: Theoretical Investigations of Group 9 Tetrylidyne and Bis-Tetrylidyne Complexes"⠀

Vortrag Prof. Dr. Axel Schulz

AC-Kolloquium am 11.04.2024: "Rational design of phosphorus centered biradicals" ⠀

Dr. Anup Mandal has been awarded an Alexander von Humboldt Foundation fellowship

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Anup Mandal has been awarded a highly prestigious Humboldt Research Fellowship by the Alexander von HumboldtFoundation to conduct an independent research project in the Bunescu Lab at the Kekulé Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Dr. Mandal's project will focus on the first-row transition-metal-catalyzed dearomative difunctionalization of arenes to reach molecular complexity.

Introductory PDF-guide for new MSc Chemistry students

Downloadable guide in .pdf format for new MSc Chemistry students to help them get started. Contents important information as well as a schedule. 

Matthias Julian Justen, Stefan Kemmerich and Lukas Mohr are honored for top academic performance

On January 23, 2024, Mr. Justen, Mr. Kemmerich and Mr. Mohr were honored with an Award from the local section Bonn of the GDCh for the best Bachelor degrees of their cohort. Congratulations!

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