Vortrag Dr. Felicitas Lips

AC-Kolloquium am 01.02.2024: "Reactivity of Amido-Substituted Silicon Ring and Cluster Compounds"⠀

Online-Bewerbung zum Masterstudiengang Chemistry

Die Online-Bewerbung zum englischsprachigen Masterstudiengang Chemistry (Studienbeginn WiSe 2024/25) ist vom 01.06.2024 – 01.07.2024 möglich.

Matthias Julian Justen, Stefan Kemmerich and Lukas Mohr are honored for top academic performance

On January 23, 2024, Mr. Justen, Mr. Kemmerich and Mr. Mohr were honored with an Award from the local section Bonn of the GDCh for the best Bachelor degrees of their cohort. Congratulations!

Vortrag Dr. Marcus Schmidt

AC-Kolloquium am 25.01.2024: "Crystal growth by Chemical Vapor Transport"

Vortrag M. Sc. Tobias Deckstein

AC-Kolloquium am 18.01.2024: "Co≡E (E = Si – Pb) Triple Bonds: Cobalt-Centered Cleavage of E≡E Bonds and
Co≡E Metathetic Exchange Reactions"

Vortrag M. Sc. Prasenjit Palui

AC-Kolloquium am 21.12.2023: "Non-alkyne Like Reactivity of Ditetrelynes E2R2 (E = Si, Ge)"

Vortrag Prof. Dr. Jan J. Weigand

AC-Kolloquium am 07.12.2023: "Unlocking the Potential of π-Conjugated Azaphospholes and Innovative P1 Building Blocks"

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